Cream – Smooth, Delicious and Enhancing all Your Cooking

How cream refines all your cooking and baking

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Cream Variety

When talking about something being the creme de la creme, we are indicating that it is very special or top quality. This is not surprising as cream – or crème as it is in French – is a most delicious natural food product which can be used in all areas of cooking and cake making. Cream binds sauces, makes wonderful fillings for cakes and brings out the flavour in many dishes. It is highly appreciated by chefs as it gives the desired creamy consistency like no other product. And the specific fat content of cream makes it suitable for different applications. But cream is only perfect with a great fresh flavour – this is what makes all the difference.

naturally gluten-freenaturally gluten-free
contains lactose and milk proteincontains lactose and milk protein

Cream is a product made from cow‘s milk

Cream is a wholesome product made from natural milk and has a characteristic high fat content. Today, we use centrifuges to separate cream from the milk. It is then brought to the desired percentage of fat content, heated at ultra high temperature (UHT) and packed. Due to the heating process, Oldenburger cream is a safe product. It keeps for an extra long period of time and can be stored without cooling. Once opened, cream should be refrigerated at 4-10 °C and used within 3 days.

Nutritional value of Oldenburger cream

Cream contains milk fat only and does not contain any vegetable or hydrogenated fats. Oldenburger Cream also contains carrageen, a widely used stabilizer made from red algae. It ensures to keep a homogeneous consistency and prevent creaming of the milkfat on the surface.

How the fat content changes the properties of cream

Oldenburger offers a wide range of creams with different fat contents. These can be used for different applications. Cream for whipping needs a fat content of 30 % or more.

Depending on how you use it, cream can be whipped for a shorter or longer time. For best results, we recommend to cool the cream as well as the bowl.
In cream for cooking, a lighter fat content can be desirable giving a nice and smooth, yet light taste. Cream is also wonderful in coffee and tea and brings out the full flavour making a delicious beverage.

The higher the fat content, the more stable the whipped cream. 

Oldenburger Culinary Cream​​​​​​​

If you want to add a special refinement to any of your dishes at the end, Oldenburger Culinary Cream is just perfect. Containing 18 % fat, our culinary cream refines and adds adds a final touch to sauces and soups.

Oldenburger Chef’s Cooking Cream

This delicious cream is suitable for high temperature cooking and refining as it is stable also when acid or alcohol is used for cooking. It gives a refining taste to all your dishes.

Oldenburger Whipping Cream

With only 30% fat, it is a lighter version of our regular Whipping Cream. It  is perfect for cooking creamy sauces as well as soups and can also be used for cakes and pastries.

Oldenburger Shani Whipping Cream

Oldenburger Shani has a fat content of 35 % and is suitable for whipping as well as cooking. It is an ideal addition to many sweet and savoury dishes. Oldenburger Shani can easily be whipped up to a creamy, stable foam. It also has a recloseable screw cap which makes portioning much easier and allows for better storage.

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How to Use Cream in Gastronomy and Catering

Cream is an all-round talent in both, the sweet and savoury cooking and baking. Creams with higher fat content (e.g. 30-35%) are mostly used as whipped creams for fancy cakes or desserts. Additionally they can also be used in cooking for sauces or gratins. Creams with a lower fat content of between 10-20% are not suitable for whipping but can be used successfully for refining and seasoning hot or cold meals and as a coffee whitener.


  • Cream is a great addition in sauces and soups. It binds sauces and makes them nice and smooth.


  • Cream makes wonderful sweet or savoury fillings and spreads. Whipped cream can be used to decorate cakes and add piped decoration as well.


  • Individual coffee creamer is delicious in tea or coffee and will be appreciated by your guests, adding that extra special attention to detail.

Adding additional flavour to cream

Whipped cream can be flavoured successfully. Fruit puree, vanilla, cocoa, chocolate shavings or flavoured sirup can be added. For best results, whip cream and add flavours towards the end of the whipping or carefully fold under. When sugar is added, it should be very fine or powdered and added while whipping.

How to store and serve cream

Oldenburger Cream should be kept refrigerated once opened. Always keep the package carefully closed. Always keep cream separate from other foods as it tends to absorb the odour quickly. Any spare whipped cream as well as opened containers containing cream should be closed carefully and always be cooled at temperatures between 4-10 °C.

Cream used for whipping should be chilled before use for best results. If you wish whipped cream to last longer, simply use a cream stiffener. This will keep decorated cakes in perfect shape for longer.

Cream in baking – back of house

Oldenburger Whipping Creams for maximum whipping volume and high stability. They have a fine creamy consistency and a fresh taste and are ideal for cakes and pastries.

Cream for cooking – back of house

Cream is also great in soups, sauces and dressings.

Cream packs on breakfast, lunch, dinner buffets and for tea – front of house

Cream is the ideal accompaniment for coffee and black tea and gives a luxurious, rich taste.