Milk – the Basic Dairy Product for Cooking and Baking

Pure cow’s milk enhances all your cooking and baking – and is the basis for a range of delicious dairy products

Milk is a product full of natural goodness. It can be enjoyed pure as a refreshing drink, flavoured with chocolate, strawberry or banana or to make delicious milkshakes. Milk can also be used in many dishes when liquid is asked for in batters, doughs and creams.
And what would many coffee specialities be without milk? Cappuccino without a creamy milk foam? A latte macchiato without milk? Filter coffee, too, profits from a splash of milk – both for colour and taste. Many tea lovers prefer their tea with milk, too.
Milk is also the basis of a whole range of dairy products such as butter, cream and cheese.

naturally gluten-freenaturally gluten-free
contains lactose and milk proteincontains lactose and milk protein

Milk is a pure, natural product – and at Oldenburger we have high standards for responsible dairy farming

Milk which is sold to consumers all over the world, is produced from fresh, natural cow’s milk. The entire process of milk production at Oldenburger , from farm to consumer, is controlled and checked rigorously – guaranteeing high quality and safe products. In our Milkmaster programm, we have established standards for responsible dairy farming which ensures highest quality products. It starts with the breeding of our cows and their quality feed. Our farmers work to defined production standards and are externally audited on a regular basis. This ensures animal welfare as well as a high standard in the quality of the milk produced.

How to store milk

Due to ultra-high temperature processing, Oldenburger UHT milk can be stored without a fridge even for a longer period of time. UHT milk is produced by a gentle manufacturing process as it is homogenised and heated only. Due to this gentle production process, Oldenburger milk keeps its full fresh taste and quality.
Milk is a source of valuable, essential nutrients such as proteins and calcium. At Oldenburger, our farmers keep their milk cows to strictest standards and cows are fed high-quality feed only.

Milk with different fat contents

Depending on how much cream is skimmed off, milk varies in fat content. We offer the following varieties:

UHT milk is the perfect choice for milk foam for delicious coffee specialities and gives best results. While a low fat content will result in a nice and firm foam, a higher fat content makes the foam creamier and softer.

Skimmed milk has less fat but still contains valuable proteins and the characteristic taste of milk.

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How to Use Milk in Gastronomy and Catering

Oldenburger milk is ready to use. It is the perfect cool drink or can be used directly according to your recipe.


  • Milk is great for preparing sauces and puddings adding taste and just the right creaminess.
  • Milk can be used successfully for many vegetable purees adding moisture and a mild creamy taste at the same time.


  • Milk is a vital ingredient in many baking products as doughs and batters are prepared using milk.


  • Milk can be used as the foundation for milkshakes, flavoured drinks and coffee specialities like cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Milk boils at 100 °C – and easily boils over, so always watch it carefully when heating.

The fresh taste of milk – no matter which fat content you prefer

Milk has a fresh and slightly sweet taste. That is why it goes well with coffee specialities as well as black tea. It also combines well with sweet dishes and drinks. Milk also adds a wonderfully rounded taste to sauces such as an original Béchamel and makes great potato purees or rice puddings. Depending on the fat content, it tastes a little more or a little less creamy but is always nutritious and satisfying.

How to store and serve milk

UHT milk has been carefully treated so nearly all microorganisms have been eliminated by an ultra-high temperature process. The process makes milk a safe product to use.

Ideally, it is stored in a separate dairy cold storage. Make sure the container is well closed as milk tends to easily absorb odours.

Milk is a refreshing drink

Served cooled, milk makes a refreshing drink.

Milk in coffee specialties and tea

Wonderfully creamy milk foam makes a good coffee even better

Milkshakes are much loved – and easy to prepare

Milkshakes are loved all over the world as a refreshing drink or snack for any time of the day. Depending on seasonal offers and taste you can try out many delicious fruit.

UHT milk keeps for an extended period even when stored at room temperature. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within a few days.

Oldenburger Skimmed Milk, 0.3% fat

The fat content has been minimized to enable a light diet within a health-conscious way of life. Even so, Oldenburger Skimmed Milk gives the rich taste and high-quality nutrition as all our Oldenburger products.

Oldenburger Semi-skimmed Milk, 1.5% fat

This is Oldenburger’s lower fat alternative to whole milk offering the same delicious taste and quality, however with a lower fat content. Oldenburger Semi-skimmed Milk is perfect as a nutritious drink, on cereals as well as for cooking and baking in a lighter way.

Oldenburger Milk, 3.1% fat

This milk has a slightly lower fat content but the same fresh and delicious taste as Oldenburger Fullcream Milk.

Oldenburger Fullcream Milk, 3.5% fat

Made from fresh cow‘s milk which has been gently treated with ultra-high temperature to keep it enjoyable even without a fridge. For a perfect taste we recommend to cool it before consumption. A delicious and nutritious drink which can also be used for cooking, baking and desserts.