Oldenburger Fullcream Milk

3.5% fat, UHT, 1L

Milk, a product full of natural goodness and rich flavour, has countless uses in cooking and baking. It can be used for hot or cold drinks as a refreshing beverage, flavoured with chocolate, caramel or fruit to make shakes, used as the basis for a wide range of desserts including ice cream or added to coffee or tea. Oldenburger Semi-skimmed UHT Milk can perfectly use for milkfoam, coffee specialities and more.

  • High nutritional value (e.g. protein)
  • Full mouthfeel
  • More fat-soluble vitamins as in low fat milk
  • Made from cow's milk
  • Processed under strict qualitative requirements
  • Reclosable with screwcap
  • Milkshake Milk-based drinks
  • Milk-based desserts
  • Milk ice
  • Sweets & pastries
Ingredients: Milk

Nutritional Values
Amount per 100g

Energy (kJ/kcal)
267 / 64
Fat (g) 3.5
of which saturates (g) 2.4
of which trans fat (g) 0.105
Carbohydrate (g) 4.8
of which sugars (g) 4.8
Protein (g) 3.3
Salt (g) 0.13
Before opening: Store cool & dry.
After opening: Keep refrigerated and consume within a few days.

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