Mozzarella – the All-round Talent Cheese

A high quality, fresh tasting cheese of Italian origin for all your cooking

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Mozzarella: General Benefits & Pizza Tips

Mozzarella cheese is a popular Italian cheese speciality made from fresh milk. It is much loved both on sandwiches and oven-baked pizza. In the region around Naples, Italy, mozzarella is traditionally made from buffalo milk while all other mozzarella is made from fresh cow’s milk.

naturally gluten-freenaturally gluten-free
contains lactose and milk proteincontains lactose and milk protein

Mozzarella is produced by a special spinning method

Mozzarella belongs to the pasta filata cheese family – which means as much as “spun dough“. Making Mozzarella is a traditional process using fresh cow‘s milk. Rennet is added to the milk and the resulting curd then drained. The curd is then stirred, cooked and kneaded. Salt is added and the mozzarella cheese finally shaped into the desired form. Traditionally, mozzarella is formed to small balls and sold in brine allowing for a short shelf life only. At Oldenburger, mozzarella is therefore processed further, eliminating excess liquid to obtain a sliceable cheese.

So our mozzarella can be stored and sliced just like any firm cheese making it wonderfully convenient for use in hotels, restaurants and catering.

Mozzarella has a superb texture for gratinating – perfect on pizza and casseroles

Mozzarella has clearly defined characteristics: It is an unripened pasta filata cheese with an elastic, fibrous texture and has a very light, slightly tartish smell and taste.
Declaring ingredients for cheese is not required by law. At Oldenburger, however, we choose to declare the full list of ingredients of all our cheese varieties. Oldenburger mozzarella contains just: pasteurised cow‘s milk, salt, starter cultures and microbial rennet – making Oldenburger mozzarella a pure and tasty cheese.

Oldenburger Mozzarella is produced according to the traditional Mozzarella recipe. It is then shaped into blocks, loaves, slices or grated cheese.

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Nutritional value of Oldenburger mozzarella

Mozzarella made from fresh cow’s milk contains valuable protein and calcium. Mozzarella is naturally gluten-free.

The characteristic properties of mozzarella

Oldenburger mozzarella has proven qualities and characteristics:

  • a characteristic stretch which intensifies the eating experience
  • a beautiful even melting behavior
  • a characteristic browning behavior: mozzarella turns a more intense brown than other cheeses on a pizza thus accentuating the desired crispiness. Amber points will be distributed evenly over the pizza making it very appealing
  • a characteristic blister formation which other cheese varieties do not show
  • Oldenburger mozzarella has a convenient firmness as well as an excellent grating behavior
  • and a pleasant mouth feel

How to Use Oldenburger Mozzarella in Gastronomy and Catering

Oldenburger mozzarella is made from pure cow’s milk and can be used in many ways.

The fresh taste of mozzarella

Mozzarella only ripens for a very short time during the cheese making process.

It has a pleasant fibrous chewing behaviour that people love the world over. This is due to the fibres developed during the pasta filata process.

How to store and serve Oldenburger mozzarella

Oldenburger mozzarella should always be kept refrigerated at 2-4 °C. Always wrap the surface after cutting to keep the mozzarella fresh. When shredded, mozzarella should best be used directly. Keep any spare grated mozzarella in an airtight container well refrigerated.

Mozzarella has a medium content of lactose

Lactose contained in milk is decreased during the cheese making process. As mozzarella is ripened for a very short duration only, it still contains some lactose.

Mozzarella therefore has a fine and fresh taste making it ideal for gratinating Pizzas as it will not mask the aroma of other ingredients.

Mozzarella on pizza – back of house

Oldenburger Mozzarella is the perfect cheese for topping your pizza. The melting characteristics, consistency and fresh taste make it ideal in combination with all ingredients.

Mozzarella for sandwiches and cheese platters – back of house

Mozzarella is great sliced for cheese sandwiches or diced for cheese snacks or savoury desserts.