Portioning Butter — Piped Butter


  • whipped and flavoured butter

Step by Step


Insert a large star tip into a single-use piping bag. Then use a silicone spatula to fill it three-quarters full with the whipped and flavoured butter.


Close the bag by twisting it while pressing out any con- tained air. Use both hands as shown, one to squeeze while the other guides the tip.


Pipe decorative twirls of butter onto a tray lined with parchment or silicone matting. Place them in the freezer for at least two hours.


Portioned butter can be placed in a bowl with ice cubes for buffets.

Recommended Products

Oldenburger Butter salted, min. 81% fat, 250g piece
  • soft and easy to spread
  • slighlty salted
  • made from pure cow's milk
Oldenburger Butter unsalted, min. 82% fat, 250g piece
  • soft and easy to spread
  • no additives
  • made from pure cow's milk

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