Decorating Cupcakes with American Buttercream


  • coloured buttercream

Step by Step


Insert a 1M nozzle into a piping bag and fill it with coloured buttercream.


For classic swirl decorations, start at the rim of the cupcake. While squeezing gently, circle it three times while moving toward the centre.


Stop pressing the bag and pull the piping nozzle away from the frosting to create a small tuft.


Use a 2D nozzle for floral designs. Start piping in the middle of the cupcake and gradually move out to the rim.


To achieve a flower-like look, keep the nozzle close to the already-applied buttercream.


Anticlockwise piping produces open, rose-shaped decorations.


Clockwise piping creates a closed, peony-shaped effect. At the end, simply move the nozzle away towards the side while continuing the circular motion. This results in a clean finish.

Recommended Products

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Oldenburger Butter salted, min. 81% fat, 250g piece
  • soft and easy to spread
  • slighlty salted
  • made from pure cow's milk

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