Clarifying Butter


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Tips from Chefs to Chefs

Clarified butter is used for baking, frying and cooking. It is particularly suitable for deep-frying and frying, but is also perfect replacement as a fat ingredient in various recipes

Step by Step


You need a sufficiently large saucepan or pot, a heat- resistent fine-mesh strainer and a heat-resistant container for storing the clarified butter.


Slowly melt the butter at low heat to prevent bubbles from forming.


Gradually increase the heat to bring the butter to a slow boil, which separates the milk solids from the fat.


Remove the pot from the burner and let stand for a few minutes to let the separated milk solids sink to the bottom


Slowly pour the butter through a fine-mesh strainer into a heatproof container to remove the solids. Take care not to pour the solids from the bottom of the saucepan into the container.


Sufficiently clarified butter should have a light golden colour and be completely free of milk solids. Clarified butter can be used immediately or tightly covered and refrigerated for up to ten days.

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