Fluffy Apple Pancakes

Preparation Time:
90 mins
Baking Time:
10 people



These apple pancakes are a blissful dessert or afternoon tea treat


Squeeze the lime and collect juice in a bowl. Separate eggs and collect egg whites and yolks in separate bowls. Wash and peel apples.

The Batter

Add egg whites to a grease-free standing mixer. Beat on high until soft peaks form. In a mixing bowl, whisk together flour, some of the sugar, a pinch of salt, and baking powder. In a large bowl, whisk together Oldenburger Milk and egg yolks. Sift in the flour mixture and mix well, making sure there are no lumps. Fold egg whites into the batter. Grate apples into the batter and, vanilla extract, lime juice and mark of one vanilla pod. Stir to mix.

Caramelizing the Walnuts

Heat water and the remaining sugar in a frying pan over medium-low heat, stirring often. Once sugar has melted, add walnuts and continue to cook until nuts are caramelized, approx. 3-4 min. Remove from heat.

Making the Pancakes

Heat some Oldenburger Butter in a frying pan over medium heat. Spoon batter into frying pan and cook until golden brown (approx. 2-3 min. per side). Transfer onto a plate.

The Final Touch

To serve, top with caramelized walnuts and grapes. Drizzle on some maple syrup and serve immediately.

Tips from Chefs to Chefs

01. Unsalted butter is just right for baking sweet cakes and desserts. It adds a wonderful rich flavour to any pastry. Salt is sometimes added for a more savoury taste. Unsalted butter, however keeps just as long as salted butter. It should be stored at -18 to +8 °C. Butter freezes well.

02. For pancakes to get nice and fluffy, use some baking powder and beat the egg whites before folding into the batter.

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