Asparagus-Potato Chartreuse with Lovage Oil

Preparation Time:
Baking Time:


For the green Asparagus:
  • 10 spears Green asparagus
  • 10 ml Canola oil, cold-pressed
  • Salt
For the White Asparagus Stock
  • 5 spears White asparagus
  • 10 ml Lime oil
  • 10 g Asparagus vinegar
  • 500 ml Water
  • Salt
For the Cream of White Asparagus Soup
For the mashed potatoes
  • 200 g Potatoes (all-purpose)
  • 40 g Olive oil 
  • Mace
  • Salt
For the Lovage Oil and Garnish
  • 30 g Parsley leaves
  • 20 g Lovage
  • 100 ml Canola oil
  • 1 Dash of chili oil
  • Cubed green asparagus
  • Croutons


Green Asparagus

Peel the asparagus, trim the spears to a length of 8 cm and then blanche them. Cut the bases into slices half a centimetre thick and set aside. Coat the tips with some canola oil and lightly salt them.

 White Asparagus Stock

Peel the asparagus and cut into pieces 2 cm long. Place in salted water and bring to a boil, then remove from the heat and let steep for 30 minutes. Then pass it through a food mill to remove the fibre and combine it with the other ingredients.

 Cream of White Asparagus Soup

Combine the port wine, Noilly Prat and white wine in a pot and reduce the mixture somewhat by heating. Add the asparagus stock and Oldenburger Whipping Cream, bring to a boil once, then add salt and lemon juice to taste. Pour the hot soup into a 500 ml iSi siphon. Attach one cartridge, shake well and keep warm.

 Mashed Potatoes

Boil the peeled potatoes in salted water with some mace until done. Pour off the water, keeping part of it. Mash the potatoes together with the olive oil and salt, adding potato water as required.

Lovage Oil and Garnish

Blend the parsley, lovage oil and canola oil into an emulsion and heat to a temperature of 80°C, then season with salt and chili oil.


Fill a tall, narrow ring mould with the mashed potatoes. Remove the mould and arrange the green asparagus spears upright around the potatoes, gently pressing them inward. Heat the chartreuse in the oven at 80°C, then transfer it to a plate and distribute green asparagus cubes on top. Spray on hot asparagus soup from the iSi charger, dribble on lovage oil, and finish by scattering croutons on top.

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