Naked Cakelets with Fig, Walnuts and Caramel

Preparation Time:
30 mins
Baking Time:
10 people




Whip the Oldenburger SHANI Whipping Cream, until stiff, if necessary adding cream stiffener while following the instructions on the package. Flavour with the fig paste or syrup, and put into a piping bag with a smooth nozzle.

Making the Cakelets

Line 10 serving rings (each about 8 cm in diameter) with cake collars, insert a sponge cake base in each, and soak with a little orange simple syrup. Put about 30 g fig cream on the base, add another base and repeat the procedure. Refrigerate the cakelets.

The Final Touch

Before serving, remove the ring and collar and serve garnished with dabs of fig cream, fresh figs, walnuts and a little caramel sauce.

Tips from Chefs to Chefs

For an even more chocolaty dessert, substitute chocolate liqueur for the fig syrup.

Recommended Products

Oldenburger Shani Whipping Cream 35% fat, UHT, 1kg
  • natural and creamy flavour
  • great stability
  • great whipping volume
  • ideal for filling

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