Rosemary-Lavender Panna Cotta

Preparation Time:
20 mins
Baking Time:
10 people




Heat the Oldenburger Panna Cotta in a saucepan to 50°C while stirring..

Making the Panna Cotta

Add lavender blossoms and rosemary to the warm panna cotta and let them infuse for about 15 minutes.
Remove the rosemary. Let the panna cotta cool sufficiently to uniformly blend it with the lavender blossoms in the pot. Pour the panna cotta into dessert glasses and chill for three hours.

The Final Touch

Garnish the lavender panna cotta with fresh lavender and rosemary sprigs.

Tips from Chefs to Chefs

Serve the lavender panna cotta with a dash of hibiscus syrup: touché!

Recommended Products

Oldenburger Panna Cotta
  • lactose-free (lactose content: <0.01g / 100g)
  • time saving
  • convenient preparation
  • fresh taste & smooth texture

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