Everything Soup

Fresh Pea Soup with Mozzarella

This soup has a wonderful green colour as it is made from fresh or frozen peas. The soup is rich and creamy because real cream and cheese is used. Try this simple and time saving recipe for a delicious snack or starter with fresh toasted bread.

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Parsnip Cream Soup with Beetroot Wan Tans

This parsnip soup offers a delightfully tasty introduction. The delicate taste of the parsnip develops even richer due to the added cream and is complemented by a nice and bitter note of roasted leek. The surprising highlight are fried wan tans. The dumpling is filled with beetroot and cashew nuts and adds a delicious earthy, spicy and a little oriental taste.

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Creamed Cauliflower Chestnut Soup

A wonderful combination of cauliflower and chestnuts in one soup. The roasted chestnuts gives a sweet and nutty flavour and the cream the finishing touch. Freshly baked baguette is a delicious accompaniment.

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