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Fried Cheesy Rice Balls with Spicy Salsa

In Italy, fried rice balls are called arancini. The tasty recipe originates in Sicily where it is a much loved traditional street food. Fried rice balls are easy to prepare in advance – and can be deep fried on the spot. They have a wonderful juicy texture and can be served with different sauces to your individual liking.

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Cheese Schnitzel with Taco Crust and Tomato Salsa

Fried cheese schnitzel are a classic starter, snack or finger food. Made from premium quality cheese they make a delicious and wholesome treat for any time of the day. The hot melting cheese in this recipe is covered with a crunchy taco crust. Serve cheese schnitzel with a tomato salsa dip made from fresh tomatoes, fruity olive oil and fresh herbs. Hot crunchy cheese schnitzel also goes well with grilled vegetables or a salad. And as you will discover: cheese schnitzel are loved by young and old.

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