Everything Cooking Cream

Black and Red Lentil Soup

Refined with two types of lentils and crisp Serrano ham chips, this soup is the highlight of the soup menu. You can serve it either as a classic dish or in glasses at buffets. The crisp Serrano ham chips add flavour and complement with their deliciously crunchy bite.

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Creamy One-pot Pasta

One-pot pasta dishes are both economical and time-saving. But your guests will love something very different: the dish acquires a splendid rich aroma as well as a creamy texture. Preparing the dish in just one pot locks in all flavours perfectly.

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Kale in Cream with Fried Catfish

As an experienced chef you know what turns mere cooking into the art of cuisine: The right mix of ingredients, careful preparation and a combination of colours and textures makes for a dish which transforms even humble ingredients into something special. Kale has been cultivated worldwide for many centuries and is a favourite vegetable harvested during the winter time. It has become very popular recently.
In this recipe, kale is refined with delicate cream and served with delicious baked catfish. Unexpectedly delicious.

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Rustic Pork Chop with a Pepper and Cream Sauce

In the mood for a relaxed, rustic dish? Using premium quality meat will make all the difference. Try out this rustic pork chop: the wonderfully creamy sauce brings out the flavourful aroma of the green pepper to the fullest– at the same time mellowing its spiciness. The sauce also adds some nice creaminess to the fried chops, potatoes and vegetables. Its smooth texture harmonizes perfectly with the fried chop.

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Mellow Yellow Chicken Curry with Pineapple

A curry dish is often prepared with coconut milk, which gives a smooth consistency to the dish. Alternatively, try to make curry with desiccated coconut and Oldenburger Cooking Cream instead. Your guests will love the mild, creamy taste which goes well with all vegetables as well as meats. Cream has the added benefit of bringing out the flavours of a dish just perfectly. It makes a wonderful rich alternative to coconut milk.

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Strips of Veal in Creamy Sauce with Spaetzle

This recipe is a classic: mouth-watering veal in a delicious creamy sauce is paired with flavourful mushrooms and served with fresh spaetzle. The dish is much loved in the southern part of Germany and in Austria – and you will soon know why. The cream is perfect for bringing out even subtle tastes. So with every mouthful your guests experience the well rounded flavours of delicious veal, mushrooms and most delicate wine and spices.

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