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Maamoul – Oriental Dessert Cakes

Maamoul cakes are a classic oriental dessert. The small cakes filled with sweet dates or almonds, nuts or pistachios are served throughout the year. Also, they make a special treat after Ramadan. The soft dough and sweet filling make Maamoul exceedingly delicious and they keep well if kept in an airtight container. If you use a special Maamoul mold, the cakes turn out adorned with a beautiful ornament – sure to be a highlight with your guests.

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Spiced Butter Variations

The wonderfully rounded natural flavour of butter is perfect for all kinds of dishes. Extra spices, salt and herbs or fruit zests give butter an extra delicious aroma. You can use it to spice up a roast or sauces. Spread on freshly baked bread, it makes a mouth watering teaser to any meal. Add your most favoured spices to butter – sweet or savoury.

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