Spicy Cream Dressing

by Heiko Antoniewicz

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A tasty, unexpected dressing makes the difference for a delicious salad. Cooking cream is an ideal basis for many creative variations - for example, combined with tomato paste and mustard or pepped up with soy sauce.

For 10 people

INGREDIENTS (for ten servings)

1 L OLDENBURGER Chef's Cooking Cream
30 g Chopped herbs such as parsley, chives and chervil
30 g Diced onion, blanched
20 ml Lime juice
10 g Sugar
Salt and pepper



Mix the ingredients together and season with salt and pepper.


01. A great idea is to use an espuma bottle to serve the dressing, which gives it a surprising texture and special look. Fill the bottle, attach two cartridges and shake well.

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