Potato and Spinach Gratin with Salmon

Recipe for a piping hot gratin with potato, spinach and salmon

Discover the enticing combination of potato, spinach and delicate salmon. Rounded off with mild Emmental, this recipe has the potential for a real favourite dish. The creamy sauce brings out the flavour of the delicate spices and wine and nicely enwraps potatoes, spinach and salmon.

Time: 60 minutes

For 10 people

(10 portions)

500 g Oldenburger Emmental 45 % fat i.d.m.

100 g Oldenburger Butter, unsalted

1 kg Oldenburger Cooking Cream, 20 % fat

4 kg potatoes (waxy)

1 kg fresh spinach

1.5 kg skinless salmon fillet


sea salt


ground nutmeg


The cream brings out the aroma and turns salmon, spinach and potatoes into a wonderful creamy dish

Peel the potatoes and rinse in cold water. Pat dry. Grate the Oldenburger Emmental. Wash the spinach and pat dry. If you use frozen spinach: defrost on a perforated sheet. Peel the garlic and crush.

The Potatoes
For this gratin, slice the potatoes thinly. There is no need to cook the potatoes in advance.

The Cream Sauce
Bring Oldenburger Cooking Cream to the boil and season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and garlic.

Arranging the Gratin
Spread the potato slices and scatter out on a buttered tin with the spinach. Add the mixture to the potatoes and spinach and put everything in the oven for 50 minutes at 180 °C. Take the dish out of the oven and scatter the salmon strips evenly across the gratin. Season and sprinkle the grated cheese over the top. Then finishing cooking for another 10 minutes.

The Final Touch
Cut the gratin into pieces, lift carefully from the tray and arrange on a dish.


01.  Cooking cream is an excellent base for many sauces as it brings out the flavours of spices – because fat is a great flavour carrier. A creamy sauce also makes a great dish of potatoes, spinach and salmon.

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