Mozzarella Soup with Tomato and Coriander Pesto

30 minutes

For 10 people

INGREDIENTS (10 portions)

35 g Tomato paste
900 ml Chicken stock
250 g Oldenburger Whipping Cream UHT, 30% fat
35 g Hazelnut oil
250 g Oldenburger Mozzarella, 40% fat i.d.m., diced

40 g Parsley
20 g Coriander leaves
20 g Anis oil
120 g Olive oil
Pine nuts, roasted

Tomato cubes
Tomato wedge, peeled and with the core removed
Coriander leaves


Making the Soup
Brown the tomato paste in a pan, quench it with the chicken stock and boil down. Add Oldenburger Whipping Cream, hazelnut oil and Oldenburger Mozzarella and whip with a hand blender.

Making the Pesto
Coarsely chop the parsley and coriander leaves, add the remaining ingredients and mix.

The Final Touch
Arrange the tomato cubes in a ring in the middle of a soup plate. Roast the tomato wedge with a blow torch and lean it against the tomato cubes.
Use an egg ring or similar implement to apply grated mozzarella and scatter roasted pine nuts on top. Pour the foamed mozzarella soup around the centrepiece, dribble some coriander pesto on it and garnish with coriander leaves.




Cream makes for a richer, smoother soup. It mellows the taste and is also a good flavour enhancer.

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