30 minutes

For 10 people

INGREDIENTS (10 portions)

100 g Oldenburger Whipping Cream
UHT, 30% fat
200 g dark couverture, chopped
20 ml hazelnut oil
250 g Oldenburger Butter, unsalted, soft
40 g icing sugar
seeds from 1 vanilla pod
a little salt
120 ml strawberry juice
60 g strawberry purée
1.6 g agar-agar
200 g strawberries, quartered
10 slices sponge cake, square shiso



Briefly bring the Oldenburger Whipping Cream to a boil, stir in the chopped dark couverture and the hazelnut oil and refrigerate overnight. Then whip in a water bath until creamy and spoon into a piping bag. Beat the Oldenburger Butter, icing sugar, vanilla seeds and salt until creamy, refrigerate briefly and fill another piping bag with it.

Making the Trifle

Mix the strawberry juice, 40 g of the strawberry purée, sugar to taste and the agar-agar, allow to steep briefly, bring to a boil and refrigerate. Then blend it to form a homogeneous mixture. Marinate the strawberries with the rest of the purée. Dab dark cream and vanilla butter on the sponge cake slices and decorate with strawberries and strawberry purée.

The Final Touch

Serve garnished with shiso.


01. Unused cream can be frozen in ice cube trays and later added directly to a pot or pan as needed.

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