Cheese Schnitzel with Taco Crust and Tomato Salsa

Recipe for cheese schnitzel with taco crust

Fried cheese schnitzel are a classic starter, snack or finger food. Made from premium quality cheese they make a delicious and wholesome treat for any time of the day. The hot melting cheese in this recipe is covered with a crunchy taco crust. Serve cheese schnitzel with a tomato salsa dip made from fresh tomatoes, fruity olive oil and fresh herbs. Hot crunchy cheese schnitzel also goes well with grilled vegetables or a salad. And as you will discover: cheese schnitzel are loved by young and old.

Time: 30 minutes

For 10 people

(10 portions)

1.5 kg Oldenburger Gouda 48 %, fat i.d.m.

150 g wheat flour

5 large eggs

500 g taco shells

750 g mixed tomatoes, finely diced

60 g red onions, finely diced

1 bunch coriander or parsley

50 ml white wine vinegar

80 ml olive oil

sea salt

black pepper


Made from high quality cheese and freshly made salsa, these cheese schnitzel are a delicious snack or starter

Cut the Oldenburger Gouda into small schnitzel-sized pieces. Wash the tomatoes, dry and dice into small cubes. Wash herbs, pat dry and chop. Peel the onions and dice finely. Crumble taco shells in a large bowl.

Preparing the Salsa
Mix together tomatoes, onions, coriander, white wine vinegar and olive oil extra vergine. Season the salsa with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Preparing and Baking the Cheese
Moisten the cheese schnitzel with a little water and coat with flour, egg and taco crumbs. Coat the cheese schnitzel once again, leaving out the flour this time. The double coating makes the cheese schnitzel nice and crunchy and also prevents the cheese from oozing out during baking.

Fry the cheese schnitzel in hot oil until golden brown.

The Final Touch
Place the cheese schnitzel on a dish and pour a portion of the salsa in a small bowl to accompany it. Goes great with grilled vegetables or salad.


01. Real cheese is made from from fresh cow’s milk and produced in a traditional way. It is a good source of protein. In Europe, cheese is part of the traditional everyday diet and served with bread, gratinated or molten in sauces and soups. Cheese is a wholesome food and high in calcium and vitamins A, B2, B12 and D.

02.  Gouda may in fact be the oldest kind of cheese in the world which is still produced today. It has a mild and creamy taste.
Fried cheese schnitzel are easy to prepare in advance: Just coat, fry and cool. Shortly before serving, bake in a hot oven at 180 °C for a convection oven (200 °C conventional oven) for approximately 5 minutes.

You can also shape the cheese in many different ways: e.g. by cutting them into hearts, triangles or other shapes. Just coat and fry them and serve as finger food.

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