Our Farmers Care

Healthy cows for the best milk

The famous Oldenburger quality made in Germany naturally begins on our farms. The cows' housing and feed, the milking process and the optimal storage for the fresh milk all play a vital part in ensuring our high quality. That's why our farmers, together with expert researchers and scientists, have developed a programme that covers various aspects of animal welfare and sustainable dairy farming: the Milkmaster Programme. Every farm is audited by independent experts on a regular basis. More than a hundred and fifteen separate criteria are checked and the results recorded in a database.

Supporting our cows' well-being

The feed of our cows also plays a crucial role. Because balanced feeding that matches their needs is the basic foundation of the cows' health as well as the quality of their milk. Our dairy cows are fed a specially tailored diet each day. Regular analyses tell our farmers exactly what amounts of nutrients their animals require. Our farmers use only high-quality feed, most of which they grow in their own fields. The cows are also fed protein-rich concentrates which are either produced in Germany or come from sustainably produced sources in other countries. All cows have continuous access to fresh, clean water.