The Origin of Oldenburger - Directly From the Heart of Northern Germany

Welcome to Northern Germany: rolling plains as far as the eye can see, with lush green pasures populated by plump, happily mooing cows. This natural environment, in which the history-steeped city of Oldenburg is nestled, greatly contributes to the outstanding quality for which Oldenburger is renowned around the globe.

The dairy farms which produce fresh milk for our products are privately owned and belong to a collective with more than 6,000 members. Many of them have been family-run for decades, passing down their knowledge and skills from one generation to the next. And our farmers are proud to know that many other families all over the world enjoy delicious, healthy Oldenburger products made from their milk.

Oldenburger products are synonymous with flavour and outstanding quality "Made in Germany". We supply a wide range of outstanding dairy products to more than 80 countries.

Did you know, that Oldenburger is a brand of the DMK Group - Germany's largest dairy cooperative?

We are DMK: around 13,500 farmers and employees. As Germany's largest dairy cooperative, we use approx. 6.6 billion kilos of milk every year to produce top-quality foods at 20 sites in Germany and the Netherlands. And we do so with a passion that is typical of DMK, whether on our farmers' dairy farms or in the dairy production facilities. DMK helps to shape the future. Our classic skilled craftsmanship goes hand in hand with research projects, digitalization and the picking up of trends.

Strong product portfolio

Our broad spectrum of cheeses, fresh dairy products, food manufacturing ingredients, baby foods, ice creams, health products and special animal feeds generates revenues of 5.6 billion Euros and makes us the fourth-largest supplier to Germany's grocery retailers. Oldenburger, MILRAM, Dutch Original Cheese and Humana are brands that enjoy the full confidence of consumers at home and abroad and make our company an established name, both in our home markets and in selected target markets around the globe. Consumers associate our brands with a quality, variety and innovativeness that reach far beyond standard products.

Guaranteed quality. Guaranteed safety.

We do not compromise on our quality and safety standards. Because it is an important foundation for the popularity of our products and our international success. We are not only committed to consumers and their quality expectations in this regard, but also to our customers in retailing and the food manufacturing industry.

Your trust in our products is the key to our success.

Milk is one of the most valuable natural products – and at the same time one of the most complex raw materials. It is indispensable for milk drinks, cheese, yoghurt or curd as part of a healthy nutrition. And its high-quality component parts also supply important raw ingredients for many other dairy products and foods.

The quality of our products is impressive – not only to our customers and consumers, but to independent experts as well.

But for us, being "good" is not enough. Our highest aspiration is to keep getting better. At DMK, we work hard to that end – that is our promise. Your suggestions and questions about our products’ quality and recipes are very welcome and help us to become even better. Please use our contact form or write to us at

We look forward to hearing from you.